Production Site Management Services

These services are provided for onshore and offshore installation and they are including:

  • Day to day production data gathering, analysis & reporting,
  • Process equipment performance analysis,
  • Production well testing and adjustment of well production parameters as required for optimum reservoir/well management,
  • Production stream fluids sampling and analysis (for BS&W in the oil stream, oil content in produced water, injection water quality control,..),
  • Planning and execution of maintenance tasks to ensure technical integrity of facilities. Maintenance based on condition monitoring for static equipment and major rotating machinery,
  • Reporting and analysis of findings on equipment gathered from maintenance activities,
  • Ordering of spares to ensure adequate & timely stock management for critical spares and consumables,
  • Management of permit to work system for maintenance and production work on facilities,
  • Identification of required modifications to the facilities and initiation of engineering studies and implementation as required,
  • Monitoring of production chemicals and taking remedial action as needed.

To complement our expertise in this field we developed an alliance with a number of international firms such us TARPON Energy Services, please refer to their web site: